We reformulate the problems in society that are not receiving the attention they deserve, in order to give them more strength or to save them from oblivion. We always do this in a REphrase way: on the basis of stories from and together with people who themselves lose out in the current status quo.

This can take the form of research, creative productions, educational training (training and workshops), or advice. To ultimately propose solutions for problems that urgently need to be (back) on the agenda.We like to think with other enthusiastic, solution-oriented people about which projects we can tackle together.

what we offer


How does psychosocial support (PSS) help Lebanese children to become more resilient and does it strengthen them against extreme thoughts?

Through on the ground research in Lebanon we created an outcome useful for policy makers and practitioners alike.

Trainings & Workshops

How does (a lack of) representative images add to the often negative image forming about whole groups of people? And what can we do to break through our own prejudices?

In our 3 part workshop you will learn all about this and will become familiar with using representative images in your own work.


What was the impact of COVID-19 on the Lebanese revolutionary movement?

Or how important is space in the aftermath of genocide? 

We investigated these questions and formed the results into creative productions you really want to read, see and hear.


Three anthropologists with different specialities. All three of us bring our unique qualities to the table. And we coincidentally all really like camping.

Esther Schoorel

When she’s not in Amsterdam or Maastricht, you can find her researching or debating something concerning commemoration in the Middle East.

van der Reijden

Always caught between the creative and analytical, right now working on representation and ‘image forming’ in Belgium.

Marije Luitjens

Divides her time between many, many things, with currently on top of the list being a new mom and finishing her doctoral research on resilient peace.