Images matter

 When you think about the content you produce or the articles you read, you usually get the gist of the story pretty quick. Images contribute for a large part in that proces. They are the first thing to draw your attention and leave an often ineffaceable mark. And when this impression is negative, it takes a lot of effort to change it.

We noticed that many people don’t get represented in the right way in images, with muslim women as a prime example. When did you last see an empowering photo of a muslim woman being used, instead of an impersonal photograph from behind? Probably not that often..

We first set out on creating representative images of muslim women and realised that people also really need to start thinking differently when it comes to choosing images. That’s why we created the workshop ‘Representative Images’, in which you will learn how to think about, look critical at and choose representative images for your own productions.


About the workshop

For who?

Everyone who (sometimes) has to choose or think about images. So if you’re a journalist, are working as a policy maker for the government or at an NGO – we’re sure you’ll find the workshop enlightening. 

How often?

The workshop takes about 6 hours of your time. It is divided into 3 (online) meet-ups and spread out over the course of 3 weeks.

what do you learn?

After the workshop you will know:

  • what your own blind spots and prejudices are, and how to navigate them;
  • how to choose images that fit your story and attract the audience you’re aiming at;
  • what engages yourself and colleagues to use representative images and why you should!

How much?

Depending on the group size we will decide how many instructors we need. The price will be based on this, including preparation time and aftercare, course materials, examples to match your organisation, and an implementation intention to keep the good work up throughout the office. 

Indicative price is €2.500 ex. btw.

This is what participants say…

The workshop has given me insights to deal with visual material in an even more inclusive and representative way. There are still a lot of groups of people who often do not see themselves in images. Time for change!

Kelly Reimert

Nationale Ombudsman

The workshop was very useful and instructive for me. You think you know roughly what it all means, but I have gained new insights. And it is very good for your awareness in the use of images for your organisation.

Lara Wittkowski

Nationale Ombudsman